I am a client

I run my own business and I am a frequent user of Moje ING. Convenience and security are crucial to me.

Marta Bogusz
owner of the Owocowy Raj (Fruit Paradise) company

I represent
the market and media

ING pursues consistently its long-term strategy. The growing number of clients translates into a balance sheet growth and gradual financial results improvement.

Kamil Stolarski
Haitong Bank stock market analyst

Rynek i Media

I am a staff member

I take part in innovative, international projects at the Bank. They are a big challenge, but they give me a lot of satisfaction and experience.

Michał Owczarek – Expert – Innovation Lead

At ING, I can continuously develop myself and perfect my skills. I share my knowledge and keep on upgrading my qualifications.

Izabela Bogumił – Sector Managing Director

How we create value

The Value creation model shows how – drawing from diverse resources – we create value for clients, shareholders, employees and communities. In the model, we also describe how the value is measured. Our Bank is a part of the surrounding ecosystem. All its components are strongly interrelated. In consequence, the Value creation model is dynamic and its components supplement one another.

View our Value creation model
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